Seminario de Isaac Pérez

Posted on 9th May 2018 in News, Reunion

A toda la comunidad GIOC les hacemos una cordial invitación al seminario especial que impartirá Isaac Pérez Castillo este viernes 11 de mayo a las 13:00 en la Sala de Eméritos del IFUNAM:

Title: Out-of-equilibrium phase transitions induced by Floquet
resonances in a periodically quench-driven XY spin chain

Abstract: We consider the dynamics of an XY spin chain subjected to an
external transverse field which is periodically quenched between two
values. By deriving an exact expression for this out-of-equilibrium
protocol’s Floquet Hamiltonian, we show how the parameter space of the
system is characterized by alternations between local and non-local
regions, corresponding respectively to the absence and presence of
Floquet resonances. The boundary lines between regions are  obtained
analytically from avoided crossings in the Floquet quasi-energies and
are observable as phase transitions in the synchronized state. The
transient behaviour of dynamical averages of local observables similarly
undergoes a transition, showing either a rapid convergence towards the
synchronized state in the local regime, or a rather slow one exhibiting
persistent oscillations in the non-local regime.

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