Visita de David Schönleber y Chris Bentley del Max Planck Institute for the Physics of complex systems

Posted on 22nd November 2016 in News, Reunion

El Martes 29 de Noviembre tendremos la visita de David Schönleber y Chris Bentley del Max Planck Institute for the Physics of complex systems. Presentarán sus charlas a las 3pm en el Sandoval Vallarta. Les dejo los resúmenes abajo. Espero todos los interesados puedan asistir.

Saludos cordiales.

* Charla de David Schönleber:

Título: Shaping environments for Rydberg aggregates.

Abstract: Studying molecular aggregates interacting with a complicated ambient environment is one of the challenging tasks addressed by quantum simulators. Here we show that a small set of optically-driven ultracold atoms provides a highly-tunable environment for an aggregate of Rydberg atoms. Excitation transport within the aggregate can be both measured and manipulated via the environment, and in particular the degree of decoherence as well as non-Markovianity of the aggregate dynamics can be controlled. Using reservoir engineering, we furthermore construct a thermal environment with controllable temperature for the Rydberg aggregate.

* Charla de Chris Bentley:

Título: Detection-Enhanced Steady State Entanglement with Ions.

Abstract: Decoherence is a notorious obstacle for Quantum Information Processing (QIP), which requires sustained quantum coherence. However, it has long been recognised that by combining the irreversible dynamics with suitably chosen Hamiltonian evolution, one can design artificial reservoirs to steer the system to the desired stationary states. Our steady-state scheme for trapped ions prepares a maximally-entangled Bell state with fidelity above 0.99, much higher than for implemented schemes. We further enhance our scheme by combining the dissipative state preparation with the detection of photons, and obtain a significant fidelity enhancement.

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