Seminario de Roberto de J. León Montiel

Posted on 10th December 2016 in News, Reunion
Este Jueves 15 de Diciembre, el Dr. Roberto de J. León Montiel dará para el grupo la charla titulada Noise-induced phenomena in photonic and electronic systems. Ésta será en la sala Sandoval Vallarta a las 4pm. Espero todos los interesados puedan ir.
Abstract: Transport phenomena are ubiquitous throughout different fields of research, such as physics, chemistry and biology. Interestingly, in recent years, energy transport assisted by noise has attracted a great deal of attention, partly because of its potential role in the development of future artificial light-harvesting technologies.
In this talk, we will present different experiments done in our group where noise-induced transport has been exploited in order to observe non-trivial phenomena. In particular, we will discuss the observation of noise-assisted energy transport in electrical oscillator networks, the survival of quantum coherence between pairs of photons propagating in dynamically-disordered waveguide arrays, and the implementation of the first noise-enabled optical ratchet system.
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