Who are we


Carlos Pineda

Non-markovianity, random matrix theory, quantum chaos, quantum information

Pablo Barberis Blostein

Quantum optics, Cavity quantum electrodynamics, quantum information

Rocio Jauregui

Quantum optics, optical tweezers and degenerate gases.

Andrea Valdez

Daniel Sahagun


Ph. D. students

David Davalos

Starting his work with quantum many body spin chains.

Positions available!

Antonio Rosado

Currently working on relativistic quantum information.

Pablo Yanes

Marco Antonio Rodriguez


Master students

David Amaro

Symmetries in many-body systems

Sergio Sanchez

Working in ranking dynamics and complex systems.

William Eduardo Álvarez

Guillermo Preisser


Undergraduate students

Claudia Zendejas


Friends of the family

Jose Amaro

Graduate student in Mathematics. Worked as a graduate student in entanglement of many atoms in a cavity.

Cristopher Hernandez

Quantum and classical correlations in spin chains.

Jorge Oswaldo Gomez Muñoz

Dedicated Physics student who is very keen on facing tough projects and that usually succeeds while facing them. Working on quantum computation and random matrix theory.

Sebastian Contreras

Quantum information, yoga and music.

Nephtalí Garrido

Now, PhD student at Nottingham, working in experimental quantum optics.

Tupac Bravo Ibarra

Currently at Nottingham working on Relativistic Quantum Information. Has worked on Thin Films Deposition by Laser Ablation. Enjoys playing electric guitar and developing applications for Android OS.

Fernando Ramirez

Cold atoms and precision laser spectroscopy. Multiphotonic excitation and Rydberg atom production.

Francisco Morales Hernandez

Currently with Thomas Seligman working in econophysics. Previously interested in quantum algorithms and quantum optics, with which he got his undergraduate degree with Carlos Pineda.

Thomas H. Seligman

Senior researcher, interested in groups, nuclear physics, quantum chaos and quantum information.

Virginia Jáuregui

Experimental Quantum information using NMR.

Jorge Hirsch

Dr. Hirsch studies phase transitions and entanglement in quantum systems. He is also interested in structure and mass of nuclei, together with a microscopic description of deformed nuclei and double beta decay.

Victor S C Canela

Interested in Quantum Optics and Quantum Information. Helped write OpenKet, a Python library that works with Diracs notation.

Gibran Valdez

I study physics at UNAM and I am interested in relativistic quantum information. I have also others passions, like capoeira, yoga and playing violoncello.

Thomas Gorin

Research areas:Random matrix models for decoherence and fidelity, Quantum information and entanglement, Symbolic integration over Lie groups, Scattering theory for classical and quantum waves, Coda wave interferometry, Quantum chaos, Mesoscopic transport, Polygon quantum billiards.

Jens Eisert

Quantum many-body theory, quantum information theory, and quantum optics.

Blas Rodriguez-Lara

I am a theoretical quantum optician interested in the properties of light and its interaction with atom and mechanical systems but have worked in a variety of projects involving atom, molecular and optical systems along the years. My favorite topic is mathematical methods of closed systems.

Laura Rosales-Zárate

Cold matter

Kamil Bradler

Relativistic quantum information.

Estebán Martínez

Now in Autonomous University of Barcelona | UAB. Interested in quantum entanglement and quantum information. Got his undergraduate degree with Quantum Metrology. Always music.

Marduk Bolaños

Nos at University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen. Working on quantum trajectories.

Alfred U’Ren

Karina Garay

Yasser Moreno

Eduardo Nahmad

Salvador Ramirez

Ricardo Gutierrez

Ricardo Weder

Debora Contreras-Pulido

Non markovianity

Emerson Sadurni

Jorge A. Seman

Ali Angulo

Victor Velazquez

Elias Okon

Jose Antonio Morales

Working on complex systems and ranking dynamics.